Death to the Death Penalty

Curtis Flowers has been tried for the same quadruple-homicide in Mississippi six times. Each trial has resulted in either a conviction (and death sentence) or mistrial. And each conviction was eventually thrown out on appeal, due to continued misconduct by district attorney Doug Evans. Even still, Flowers spent most of his life on death rowContinue reading “Death to the Death Penalty”

Campaign Watch: Georgia Runoffs

As President Trump and the bulk of his allies spout off one conspiracy theory after another to rationalize his humiliating election loss to Joe Biden, no state has received more attention than Georgia, which flipped blue in a presidential race for the first time since 1992. President Trump has accused the state’s top elected officials-Continue reading “Campaign Watch: Georgia Runoffs”

Key Sheriff and Prosecutor Elections Across the South

A lot has been said in the last week about conservative ideology prevailing in many elections, despite Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump. We have examined some of those elections in the U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, and state legislatures. But there is one area in which progressive policy ideas have clearly triumphed thisContinue reading “Key Sheriff and Prosecutor Elections Across the South”

Key State Legislature Results Across the South

Down-ballot races, while far less buzzworthy and exciting, are in many ways more important than federal elections. That’s because state and local governments, properly inspired, can step in and make the changes that Washington is often too deadlocked to accomplish, changes that can eventually serve as the framework for federal legislation. For instance, Rahm EmmanuelContinue reading “Key State Legislature Results Across the South”

U.S. House of Representatives Races Across the South

Even as the final presidential election result shapes up to be more of a landslide than thought on election night (a 305-232 electoral count for Joe Biden remains a strong possibility at the time of this writing), many Democrats are concerned that this election was not a strong enough repudiation of Donald Trump and thoseContinue reading “U.S. House of Representatives Races Across the South”

U.S. Senate Races Across the South

Feelings are split among Democrats across the country right now: optimism that Joe Biden will likely be the next President of the United States, but disappointment that Democratic candidates have underperformed in U.S. Senate races, particularly in southern states. The most predictable loss came in Tennessee, where Trump loyalist Bill Hagerty defeated activist Marquita BradshawContinue reading “U.S. Senate Races Across the South”

Presidential Election Results Across the South

At the time of this writing, former Vice President Joe Biden is projected to be the next President of the United States. In the coming days and weeks, we can safely expect President Trump and his team to contest this result in an eleventh hour Hail Mary. But for now, let’s take a quick lookContinue reading “Presidential Election Results Across the South”

The South Is Turning Purple.

This site has written before about the racist origins of the conservative stronghold in the Southern United States. But in 2020, when all sense of normalcy has been cast aside, some reliably red states have turned into battleground states. Early in Joe Biden’s general election campaign, many Democratic strategists questioned whether Texas was a stateContinue reading “The South Is Turning Purple.”

Book Review: His Truth is Marching On

In an Axios interview in early August, President Trump declined to comment on the legacy of the recently deceased Rep. John Lewis, and even went as far as to imply that he had done more for Black Americans than the late leader of the South’s civil rights movement of the 1960s. (“Nobody has done moreContinue reading “Book Review: His Truth is Marching On”

Deep Dive: Voter Suppression Across the South

In 1965, President Lyndon Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act, which outlawed racial discrimination in voting, including a number of thinly veiled methods of voter suppression like poll taxes and literacy tests. For an entire generation, this legislation protected voters in general, and Black voters in particular, from being discriminated against at the polls. ButContinue reading “Deep Dive: Voter Suppression Across the South”