Campaign Watch

Marquita Bradshaw vs Bill Hagerty: When Lamar Alexander, a genteel Tennessean who has served as United States Senator since 2003, retires at the end of this year, he will not be succeeded by another moderate Republican. The choices for Tennessee voters this November are Bill Hagerty, a Donald Trump loyalist who has divorced himself from any previous stance resembling moderate, and Marquita Bradshaw, a working class Democrat with a very progressive platform.

Cindy Hyde-Smith vs Mike Espy: On November 3, for the second time in as many years, Mississippi’s Cindy Hyde-Smith will seek to defend her U.S. Senate seat from Democrat Mike Espy. Now, as then, race plays a key role in the race.

Doug Jones vs Tommy Tuberville: “Athletics is what distinguishes us from other countries around the world,” U.S. Senate candidate Tommy Tuberville has said of the most obese nation in the world. That statement encapsulates Tuberville’s whole resume for the job he’s seeking: forty years as a football coach, including a 13-0 season as the head coach of Auburn. That’s the entirety of his qualification for public office, unless you count his part-ownership in a hedge fund that defrauded clients out of more than a million dollars. And yet, Tuberville is leading incumbent Democrat Senator Doug Jones in virtually all polls.

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