Book Review: His Truth is Marching On

In an Axios interview in early August, President Trump declined to comment on the legacy of the recently deceased Rep. John Lewis, and even went as far as to imply that he had done more for Black Americans than the late leader of the South’s civil rights movement of the 1960s. (“Nobody has done moreContinue reading “Book Review: His Truth is Marching On”

Book Review: Life of a Klansman

What can we learn about racism in 2020 by studying the origins of the Ku-Klux Klan? Edward Ball answers that question with his new book, Life of a Klansman: A Family History in White Supremacy. Ball, who is a direct descendant of 19th century Louisiana slaveowner-turned-Klansman Constant Lecorgne, tells us right out of the gateContinue reading “Book Review: Life of a Klansman”