Campaign Watch: Cindy Hyde-Smith vs Mike Espy

On November 3, for the second time in as many years, Mississippi’s Cindy Hyde-Smith will seek to defend her U.S. Senate seat from Democrat Mike Espy. Now, as then, race plays a key role in the race. Republican Hyde-Smith was appointed to the office by Governor Phil Bryant in early 2018 after Thad Cochran resignedContinue reading “Campaign Watch: Cindy Hyde-Smith vs Mike Espy”

The State of Southern Schools

By Michael Foley “OPEN THE SCHOOLS!!!” the President of the United States tweeted on August 3. Well, that’s what’s happening, and so far, the results have been terrifying. That’s especially true in North Paulding High School in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area of Georgia, where members of the football team had already tested positive before theContinue reading “The State of Southern Schools”

The South Will Rise Again

By Michael Foley In the years following the Civil War, as Reconstruction policies not only provided jobs for emancipated slaves in the South, but actively recruited Blacks from the North to former slave states for work and helped Blacks run (and win) in state and U.S. congressional elections, a violent political coalition called The RedeemersContinue reading “The South Will Rise Again”